Christie Younger Biography

Christie Younger is an American artist and palette knife painter. Encouraged in the arts from the very beginning, Christie was a student of many different artistic disciplines throughout her childhood and into college where she studied art along side Biology. Her love of the natural world is evident and frequently the source of her inspiration for many of her paintings. Her early career in graphic design allowed Christie to create professionally until she refocused on being a full-time mom to her three children. Unable to shake the feeling that she was called to do more with her artistic side, she picked up a brush/palette knife again in 2018 with a renewed spirit and focus.  Since then, her paintings have attracted collectors and critics internationally and can be found in several acclaimed galleries across the Southeast.

Christie’s unique artistic perspective has been described as a faceted lens where everything is abstracted into simple, repeating shapes with ironed out layers of depth and shadow. Focusing on the visual elements of her subject to convey a realistic scene, her style is loose yet representational. She enjoys uniting opposing visual ideas, methods, and principles while painting with a simple palette knife. As an impasto painter, varying pressures and angles creating different marks, strokes, densities, and textures, seemingly at random, are evident throughout her work.
Christie currently lives and works near Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and three children.