Fen Rascoe Biography

My goal as an artist is to transform an ordinary everyday subject into an extraordinary unique visual experience that allows the viewer to passionately reconnect with an otherwise familiar and unemotional object or figure. By loosely handling oil paint with soothing limited colors, I seek to achieve harmony within the supporting peripheral areas of my painting while leaving more intense non-natural colors for the tighter focal point.  Whether painting in Plein Air or in the studio, I strive to simplify my subject into a non-rendered and uncomplicated three dimensional artistic tale that allows the viewer to actively jump in and become part of the experience.
I paint Alla Prima or wet on wet all in one session and my style could be considered Contemporary Impressionism.  I paint within the moment either on location or still life. If I paint from photographs, I only paint from my own that I took at a time or place that did not allow for an on location painting.

Art Education
Various Undergraduate drawing, painting and art history classes

Regional Workshops and Influences
Mike Rooney, 2012
John Silver, 2012
Fred Saunders, continuing mentoring

2013 Annual Bertie County Arts Council Juried Contest by Sally Sutton, 1st Place
2013 27th Annual Landmark Art Competition Juried Contest by Fred Bayersdorfer, Dean of Art, Old Dominion University, Jaquelin Jenkins Gallery,  1st Place and Honorable Mention
2014 Annual Bertie County Arts Council Juried Contest Honorable Mention
2014 28th Annual Landmark Art Competition Juried Contest by Dr. Norman Goodwin, Jaquelin Jenkins Gallery, Honorable Mention

Conducted a two day Alla Prima / Plein Air Workshop in February 2015 – College of the Albemarle

Mike Rooney
Chip Hemingway
Hai-ou Hou
Fred Saunders
Dan Nelson
Jaquelin Perry