James P. Kerr Biography

Exhibiting oils over 25 years, James P. Kerr has developed a broad colorist approach to his canvases.  He works in a direct manner, utilizing properties of light and pigment to establish form, create space and effect color vibration.  Private collectors have sought his oils since 1966.  Kerr's oil paintings are represented in hundreds of private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Canada, the West Indies and Europe.  Kerr has taught painting and drawing privately and in workshops since 1970.  Born in Buffalo, New York, Kerr has lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Tarpon Springs, Florida and in North Carolina.

The Albright Knox Summer Art School, Buffalo, NY, 1960
Joan Harasty (private instruction, drawing & painting), Buffalo, NY, 1963
Laslo Szabo (drawing, oil painting & portraiture), Buffalo, NY, 1964-1970
Carl Illig (landscape painting), East Aurora, NY, 1971

Selected Collections
Glaxo Wellcome
Wachovia Bank & Trust
Edwards & Kirby
Crisp, Davis, et al
Lowe's Company
Nations Bank
Smith Helms Mullis & Moore
Tharrington Smith
Nicholls & Crampton
SAS Institute
Rex Hospital
IBM Corporation
Central Carolina Bank
RJR Nabisco
Kaiser Permanente
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