Jose Jimenez Biography

From his birthplace in Mexico City to his current home in North Carolina, José Jiménez has held a passion for colors found in nature and the creative process of transforming individual colors into stimulating works of art.  Even as a young boy, Jiménez’s eyes were open to the dynamic experience of creating, of experimenting with the aesthetics of color, and of re-creating the world through his own eyes with the medium of sketching and painting.  Vastly independent and resourceful, Jiménez developed his artistic skills through self-education and self-discipline.  Jiménez draws his inspiration for art from the natural world around him, focusing on landscapes in his various series of paintings.  The beauty of landscapes compels him to recollect and generate the magnificence of nature in ways that invite the eye to examine environmental scenes at an in-depth perspective.  The most invigorating incentive for Jiménez in painting landscapes is that he can create a scene that captures a specific moment in time that will never be seen again, a magnificent blend of colors, wind and weather that occur but once a lifetime.  Through his unique personal style of various techniques, mediums, colors, and shapes, Jimenez can immortalize and share a special moment in time with the world. Jiménez has shown his artwork in galleries across the Carolinas, where they have been enthusiastically accepted by the public. According to Qué Pasa, the Latino newspaper of the Carolinas, Jiménez has influenced and inspired the Latino community to have a greater interest in art.