Justine Ferreri Biography

Justine Ferreri lives and works in a small coastal North Carolina town.  She has dedicated her life to art in one form or another, in her earlier years with the performing arts--twelve years of classical ballet, four years of music and guitar, folk singing, and musical theater--and now with the visual arts, mainly sculpture.
She strives for feeling, motion and personality, sometimes enlarging or emphasizing parts to stress emotion or character.

Only within the last four years has Ferreri been able to switch art from a secondary to a primary career.  This has proven to be the most rewarding time in her life as her work continues to evolve.  Her preferred medium is earthenware clay and stoneware using a variety of finishes: oxides, underglazes, terra sigillates, and lusters.  She considers herself a caricature sculptor and healer with a choice of humor, spiritual messages, or old fables as her weapons.  By generating an emotional experience in response to viewing her work, the piece becomes the outward manifestation of an inner need of the viewer.  She strives to make her art something very personal, giving with each piece a small piece of herself.

The prayer angel makes a wonderful personal gift:  New Home, Friendship, Wedding, Healing, and Birthday

This Prayer Angel can work for you over and over again.  When writing your prayer, you are affirming it into your mind.  Place the angel on a wall that you look at each day.  When your eyes meet your angel, your mind subliminally remembers the prayer.  When the prayer has been answered, make up your own ceremony, give thanks, and burn the prayer as an offering.  Then write a new prayer and let your angel work its magic again.  Move the angel to a new location with each prayer.


Born in Irumagawa, Japan and lived all over the United States.  Owned and operated many restaurants.  She attended Stockton State College, New Jersey, Central Piedmont, and University of North Carolina with continuing education.  Now teaches clay to children.