Karen Scott Biography

Scott is an Investigator with the  District Attorney’s Office where she has been employed for twenty years, and will stay until retirement.  She works almost exclusively in homicide cases, but sometimes takes cases that need special attention such as child sexual abuse or assaults.  Scott works these cases from the investigative stage all the way through trial preparation and courtroom trials.  She has a very good reputation among the legal community and was named "Tarheel of the Week" in August 2004 for her work in the District Attorney’s Office.  Scott teaches trial preparation at the statewide Conferences of District Attorneys.  

She loves her job, but the stress of this daytime job is actually what led her to painting.  Scott finds painting to be therapeutic to her everyday life in the crime scene world.  She says jokingly, "In lieu of therapy, I found an art teacher.  In lieu of Prozac, I picked up paints.  After a day in court, and viewing crime scene photos, creating bright canvases of teal, periwinkle blue, and hot pink seem to be a wonderful counterbalance that keeps me grounded."

Scott has been selling her artwork to friends, courthouse personnel, and book club members and authors, as well as taking commissions on pieces recently.  She paints with acrylics, and enjoys creating still-life and beach scenes.