Lindsay Jones Biography

Lindsay Hawfield Jones

I took my first oil painting class in 1996 as a freshman at Wake Forest University. I have enjoyed having painting in my life every since. First it was a passionate hobby while I worked in the PR and communications sector. Since 2017, it has been a full time job that is so rewarding and fun it still seems like a passionate hobby today.

I don’t believe I was born with artistic talent but rather I was born with a desire to create something from nothing. I am drawn to creating and reflecting the beauty we see in the natural world through oil paint and canvas. It is repeated hours, days and weeks strung together in front of the easel experimenting, failing and practicing that have shaped my abstract landscapes. Painting offers a place for me to completely loose myself in my work, often having no awareness of time passed in the studio.

Growing up in Charlotte, NC, I enjoyed easy access to both the Carolina coast and the Blue Ridge mountains. Those unique landscapes and vistas influence my work and inspire my paintings. Through my art, I experiment with paint application, color and shapes that draw viewers into and through my paintings. My goal is to provide joy, hope and light through my art in those who see it.

I am always looking for ways to give back through my art to nonprofit causes. In 2019 I created Art Share, which provides commissioned works of art for nonprofit organizations with the goal of breaking down barriers to ownership of original art. Past Art Share recipients include Habitat for Humanity Charlotte, Roof Above and Inlivian (formerly Charlotte Housing Authority.) I am also a past board member and in-hospital volunteer for Arts For Life, a nonprofit organization providing children with art education in health care settings.

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with my wonderful galleries, clients and designers on specific paintings for gifts, corporate and public spaces, and residences. Without art lovers like you, this would not be possible and I am grateful to do this every day.