Nancy McClure Biography

Nancy McClure's art career started at a very young age when, during her summers in upstate New York, she attended craft classes at the local elementary school.  She proceeded to doodle her way through school, always wanting to take art classes whether it be ceramics, jewelry making, photography or painting.  After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelors in Merchandising (with all electives being art classes, much to her fathers dismay), Nancy again was seeking an art degree, this time from Georgia State University, in Atlanta, concentrating on  studio art which would lead into Interior Design.  Once moving to Raleigh, she continued the Interior Design route at Meredith College and then met her present partner of ArtSource Consultants, Inc.  

Owning an art gallery for almost two decades (and previously working in other art galleries in Atlanta), Nancy has been around artwork of all styles and price points.  It wasn't until a few years ago that she once again began to doodle and dabble in the arts.  Nancy was one of the artists in the Beaufort Food & Wine exhibit in Beaufort , NC in 2007.  She is always painting whether it is in Raleigh or at the beach.