Sugarfoot Jewels Biography


Begun as a hobby in a Raleigh, North Carolina home, Sugarfoot Jewels now offers hundreds of one-of-a-kind designs to the discriminating shopper. From Earthy stone beads with a South-Western flair to the polished elegance of pearls, Sugarfoot Jewels has a design for all ages and style preferences.

Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, jewelry designer Sharon Tharrington enjoyed a life of simple pleasures. Good friends, a happy quiet neighborhood where on summer nights you made it home by the time the fire flies came out. Children roamed through the neighbor's houses and no one thought to put up fences between the yards. Parades were the norm on July 4th and a neighborhood Halloween party celebrating the "Great Pumpkin" continues to this day, nearly four decades later.

Early on, Sharon was given the affectionate nickname of "Sugarfoot" by her dad. Thinking back to those inspiring and innocent days of endless summer, fireflies, nurtured creativity and happy neighborhoods, she decided on that all encompassing name for her line of jewelry.

I hope you will find the love and thought put into each of these unique creations. Enjoy! – Sharon Tharrington