Bennett Waters

New paintings by Bennett Waters have just been delivered! How exciting to see the new directions she is going with her work.

Charles Walker

Charles Walker uses color and line, along with other elements of design, to convey a variety of emotions in his bold, new work. These larger works must be seen in … Read More »

Laura Park

Laura continues to project happiness through her choices of color. These new pieces are sure to brighten up any space.

Ann Watcher

Fresh off the easel, Ann has sent beautiful new landscapes full of life and color.

Karen Meredith

Karen has brought some sunny flowers today, as well as a couple gorgeous landscapes. Visit in person for full impact!

Larry Dean

All of these new paintings by Raleigh artist Larry Dean will bring back fond memories of fun times at the coast. Take a look!

James Kerr

Just WOW! We are really loving these new arrivals by James Kerr. You must see these in person to see all of the texture he adds with color!

Trip Park

Trip’s newest piece “Vintage Beach” has just arrived. Drop by and see the beautiful colors!